Miami Bridge

It's Easy to Help

Your tax-deductible contribution helps us in many ways.

What your contribution buys:
$25 provides three hot meals per day for five children for three days
$50 buys three months of asthma medication
$100 purchases new linen for three children
$250 buys 20 pairs of shoes
$500 enables 30 children to attend recreational activities for 20 days
$1,000 provides crisis intervention services to reunite five children with their parents
$2,500 enables the purchase and installation of one dormitory air conditioning system
Hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents cope with different types of family crisis every day, such as conflicts in communication or trouble adapting to a new environment. Other crisis can be as severe as psychological, physical and sexual abuse. Some children are abandoned or thrown out of their homes and others will flee on their own. These children need a stable, nurturing environment, so that they can have a life that doesn't involve the justice system or an endless cycle of abuse, crime, addiction and despair.

By becoming a Miami Bridge Champion you can help us break this endless cycle, so that these children and adolescents can begin to live productive, meaningful lives. Every year we shelter over 800 children and counsel over 550 families. Help us give more families solutions, alternatives and, most of all, help us give them hope.

We are proud of the donations we've received from many of our Champions. By making a donation you, too, can begin making a significant impact in the lives of those in need, while fulfilling your charitable goals.

Miami Bridge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.


"Being at the Bridge has changed my life. I had no lights, no hot water, I wasn't in school, I wondered how I was going to take care of my baby, and the Bridge was the answer to my prayer."
16 year old former resident