Admissions Process

Miami Bridge conducts an individual intake with each youth or family seeking nonresidential or residential emergency shelter placement. We conduct Centralized Intakes 24/7/365, a process that enables key program staff to identify presenting problems and behaviors for youth and family seeking services. Centralized intake is conducted in order to provide youth and their families with the least restrictive services that are responsive and individualized to best meet family needs.

How does our Intake work?
A screening is completed within seven (7) days of a youth being referred to MBY for services. A face-to-face appointment is set for the initiation of the intake process. MBY staff shall be diligent in completing all required information in order to complete the intake process at that time. Complete intake information shall be entered into our appropriate databases. MBY will provide to eligible parents, guardian and youth, the following information in writing:

  • Available service options
  • Rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians
  • Parent brochure
  • Rights and responsibilities of youth
  • Possible actions occurring through involvement with CINS/FINS services (i.e. case staffing committee, CINS petition, CINS adjudication)
  • Grievance procedures

Once the intake is successfully completed, Miami Bridge maintains an electronic case record for each youth enrolled into services. We have licensed professionals on site five days a week and are available for emergency situations at all times.

There are certain criteria to be met for youth to be admitted to programs. All services are provided free of charge. Although walk-ins are welcomed, appointments allow us the proper time to provide each of our clients with personalized professional services.

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