Lashonda T. Chavis

Director Admissions

Lashonda Chavis is the Director of Admissions for Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc. An instrumental member of Miami Bridge since 1998, she started as an intake screener and worked her way to the role of Director of Admissions. Her responsibilities include overseeing the integrity of screenings and intakes for residential and non-residential services.

Lashonda and her team handle the crisis calls, the first line of contact for children and families in need of assistance, as well as the daily data input regarding program admissions, closing cases, client follow-up, satisfaction surveys, and strategic outcome measures.

To ensure delivery of Miami Bridge Services to youth and family, Lashonda fosters relationships with community stakeholders such as the Department of Juvenile Justice, The Juvenile Assessment Center, and public school officials. Lashonda is an active peer reviewer for CINS/FINS services, where she audits CINS/FINS contractual obligations for agencies throughout Florida.

Lashonda was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High. Lashonda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in social work from Florida International University. She has been an active mentor for disadvantaged youth through Big Brothers Big Sisters.  She has also been a recipient of the "Employee of the Month" and "Employee of the Year" awards at Miami Bridge on multiple occasions.

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